Create Classy Shelter from the Beautiful Luster of Granite Floors

Create Classy Shelter from the Beautiful Luster of Granite Floors

Jakarta - A comfortable place to live is always everyone's dream. Even more so if the residence we live in has a state of the art design with a blend of quality materials.

There are several things that really must be considered to make our homes comfortable and luxurious. The following reviews from various sources.

Determine your Residential Design Model

Interior design trends always develop along with changing trends globally. The designs for modern housing both with minimalist, contemporary and other concepts are increasingly in demand and are widely applied. Determine the design according to your interests, also pay attention to the details so that the application design trends you choose can be appropriate.

Appropriate Feature Placement

Photo: dock. GranitoTM

In decorating your home, it helps you learn to place the features in your home appropriately. Starting from the wardrobe, dining table, bed and so forth. In addition, the combination of the color of the granite floor with the selection of the color (tone) of your furniture must also be noted for its suitability so that the design of your home is pleasing to the eye.

Selection of the Right Building Material

In addition to choosing the right furniture, it is also important to choose building materials such as paint and granite that fit your residential theme. Many building materials that offer a variety of interesting options to decorate your home. One of them is the granite floor from GranitoTM.

GranitoTM is a trusted homogenous tile manufacturer that has been operating in Indonesia for 25 years. GranitoTM also keeps abreast of trends and times so that products from GranitoTM are always up to date and not outdated.

GranitoTM is produced in such a way that it resembles natural granite, with raw materials in the form of clay, silica and kaolin which are mixed into a homogeneous whole. As for the advantages of GranitoTM products include the process of polishing by using abrasive stones to produce a perfect gloss and last longer than other similar products. Some of its product variants, GranitoTM also uses the latest inkjet technology from Europe to produce products that resemble the character of its original natural ingredients.

Photo: dock. GranitoTM

GranitoTM is also an environmentally friendly product that has gone through a stringent quality control process. GranitoTM has done various methods to maintain environmental sustainability, including 100% recyclable waste, waste water recycling, 100% natural gas, green products, and also green packaging.

In addition, GranitoTM has a distribution network that is spread throughout Indonesia, so you can easily get products from GranitoTM. GranitoTM consistently also maintains the availability of its products in the market.

GranitoTM will also consistently provide excellent service to each of its customers from the beginning to the end (E2E) for customer satisfaction, including:

- GranitoTM provides Free Design services

- Ease of getting GranitoTM products with an even distribution network.

- Training and supervision of installation

- GranitoTM guarantees product quality for customer satisfaction

With GranitoTM, your dwelling will be more stylish, comfortable and durable because of the quality floor. (adv / adv)