Gubernur Khofifah Dorong Perhiasan dan Furnitur Asal Jatim Masuk Pasar Amerika Serikat

Gubernur Khofifah Dorong Perhiasan dan Furnitur Asal Jatim Masuk Pasar Amerika Serikat

SURABAYA - East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa wants East Java jewelry and furniture to enter the United States market.

He made that statement loudly when he met with the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in the United States, Iwan Freddy Hari Susanto at Grahadi Building, Tuesday (1/14/2020).

Khofifah said that jewelry from East Java has great potential and has a quality that is not less competitive.

Even the East Java jewelry industry is among the largest in Indonesia. So it needs to be encouraged to be able to expand its market to the United States.

"It so happened that Mr. Iwan had just met with the ambassadors all over the world and thank God he had the opportunity to come here. He said there was room for products from East Java to be introduced in the US," said Khofifah.

Later there would be a systemic bondage created between East Java and the United States.

As in the form of a meeting between trader and buyer. Which will be a strategic space to introduce superior products in East Java.

According to Khofifah there are many products that can be suitable for marketing to the United States.

Such as footware or footwear industrial products, textiles, and furniture and jewelry.

"East Java furniture is among the largest in Indonesia. Likewise with jewelry. East Java jewelry is the largest in Indonesia. So it is just how to expand our product market share to America," Khofifah said.

According to him if East Java products can enter the United States trade market, it will be a new door for expansion of productivity for all products in East Java.

Especially if East Java products can prove their quality among other products in the United States market.

"I hope we can maximize coordination to be able to factually realize market expansion in the United States," he concluded.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in the United States Iwan Freddy Hari Susanto.

He said that his visit met with Khofifah on purpose to explore opportunities for cooperation between Indonesia and the United States.

"East Java has extraordinary potential to be developed, especially in boosting East Java's superior export products to the United States market," said Iwan.

"There are several superior products that we identified have high potential in the near future, in a short time, to be boosted to the American market. Such as apparel, rubber, furniture, electronics, and jewelry," he continued.

The product that will later try to be upgraded to be able to penetrate the United States market. In addition to logistics, what also wants to be encouraged is to boost tourism potential in East Java.

The plan for the Indonesian embassy in the United States is the promotion of tourism in the Bromo Tengger Semeru area.

"The trend of United States tourists to Indonesia is higher, for example until October 2019, the number reached 460 thousand. Increased by 12.9 percent compared to 2018. The advantages of American tourists, spending is very large. Tourism of stay is also very long," he said.