Home Selling Tips: 6 Advantages of Using a Property Agent

Home Selling Tips: 6 Advantages of Using a Property Agent

You want to sell a house and are faced with a choice: sell your own house or use a property agent.
If you use a property agent, there are actually many benefits you get. When you want to sell a house, surely you want to do it yourself. You would think, "Why spend 2% of the price of the house to pay property agents!"

The average property agent commission from the broker's office is usually around 2% of the selling price. If your house costs IDR 1 billion, then you have to spend IDR 20 million.

Hmm, that's a pretty good commission. Maybe you think, instead of paying a broker, it's better to buy the latest iPhone Xs Max which costs up to Rp. 16 million.

Although the costs are quite large, using a property agent has many advantages!
However, there are actually many advantages to using the services of a property agent. The Australian property site, Realestate.com.au explains the six advantages of using a broker.

First, save time and effort
Do you want to spend time marketing, doing price research, meeting buyers and more?

Second, experienced
The agent has experience in buying and selling houses. They have managed a lot of buying and selling transactions.

Third, always have time
The agent will take the time when the buyer arrives. Instead, you will be busy with office business. Truz when are the houses sold?

Fourth, find out market prices
The broker knows how much the house costs. Residential prices in the same area can be different, you know.

Fifth, can negotiate with buyers
As a mediator, agents can harmonize the desires of buyers and sellers.

Sixth, understand marketing. Don't underestimate marketing
The agent has a network of buyers and sellers making it easier to sell homes.

Now, if there are many advantages to using the services of a property agent, why bother to spend time and energy to sell the house. You can focus on office or business work, unless you really want to be a property agent.