For sale 3 units of cheap 2-storey shop houses and suitable for business

77 m2 77 m2 + Bedroom + Bathroom

Property Description

with the size:

2 (two) units with building size @ 4,3mx 18m. @ 2Mnego price is thin

1 (one) unit with building size @ 5mx18m. @ the price is thin negotiable 2.5M

The location is beside the main protocol road on Jalan

Budi Utomo - Timika, Papua with conditions

now being hired for trading business

until 3 December 2021.

Large parking area

Main IMB and SHM

Close to the Timika central market

2M price is negotiable thin


Property Owner


Merry Tannur


Phone: +6281221630889
Email Address:
Instagram: mtannur